Benchmark Horse Feeds

Benchmark offers a fresh choice for horse owners. While our range is relatively small, we have collaborated with some of the leading nutritional minds in the industry to formulate feeds that are innovative and that meet our expectations in horse health, condition and performance. Our goal is to keep our feeds as natural as possible and to avoid the reliance on grain starch as an energy source. By using super fibres to stimulate hind gut fermentation, we can support a broad spectrum of health, performance and behavioural benefits.

Benchmark Super Fibre Mash®

Super fibres, natural antioxidants and probiotics. A nourishing fibre addition to any equine feed.

Benchmark Balancer Mash®

A concentrated nutritional formula packed with essential nutrients and amino acids but without the carbohydrates.

Benchmark Achieve® - Sport

A complete premium muesli style ration for horses and ponies in medium to hard work.

Benchmark Cool AZ®

Perfect complete feed choice for pleasure or show horses, pony club mounts and horses spelling or on paddock rest.

Benchmark Perfect Mash®

Provides a balanced equine diet with high levels of essential nutrients.

Benchmark Golden Oldies®

The best in nutritional aged care for much loved horses and ponies.

Benchmark Invest®

The smart feed investment for your horse’s future growth and development.

Benchmark Racing Fibre Pellets®

The latest weapon to manage digestive health in racehorses.

Benchmark Micronised Lupins

Highly digestible, high protein and fibre topper for any equine diet.