Benchmark Racing Fibre Pellets™

The latest weapon to manage digestive health in racehorses is our high-energy, fast-acting super fibre pellet with Bio-az® Equine.

Boosts energy intake while supporting healthy gut function.

  • Rapidly digested, highly soluble super fibre pellet that increases the total energy in a ration by stimulating the production of Volatile Fatty Acids, (VFAs) a horse’s natural energy supply.
  • Working in sync with all grain-based feeds, Benchmark Racing Fibre Pellets™ provide more energy per kg than cereal chaff without increasing dietary sugar and starch.
  • Contains Bio-AZ® Equine, the latest science in synbiotic pre, pro and post biotic protection. A full daily dose of Bio-AZ® Equine is included in 2kgs of Benchmark Racing Fibre Pellets™.
  • Contains high levels of proven antioxidants Alkosel 3000® and Melofeed® (SOD).
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Benchmark Racing Fibre Pellets


Bio-az® Equine – New science in synbiotic pre, pro and post biotic protection.

Bio-az® contains green banana resistant starch, yellow pea fibre, inulin, postbiotics and two strains of bacillus subtilis.

Soybean hulls, cold pressed canola oil, salt, magnesium oxide, Benchmark’s mineral premix, Bio-az® Equine, Alkosel 3000®, Melofeed® (SOD)

Nutrient Analysis (as fed)

Energy DE MJ/kg 10.1
Protein % 11.3
Fat % 4.3
Crude Fibre (CF) % 31.4
Salt % 2
Bio-AZ® Equine mg/kg 650
Alkosel 3000® mg/kg 25
Melofeed® (SOD) mg/kg 12.5
Starch % 1
Sugars (ESC) % 4.3

Including highly fermentable super fibres in the racing ration makes perfect sense.

Fibre should be fed at no less than 50% of the total daily feed ration- but there is a problem with traditional long stem fibre – while it is critical for horse health, it is relatively low in energy and digestibility.

In contrast, highly fermentable super fibres such as the soy hulls used in Benchmark Racing Fibre Pellets™ are complex carbohydrates that can be readily fermented by hindgut microbes. They contain high concentrations of readily degradable non-starch polysaccharides, a complex chain of sugars that are fermented in the hindgut (but not into lactic acid) and produce short-chain volatile fatty acids (VFA). VFA’s are a horses natural energy supply, containing up to 3-times more energy than sugars.

By reducing white (cereal) chaff in a racing ration and replacing with Benchmark Racing Fibre Pellets™ VFA production can be stimulated, increasing the energy content of a ration without increasing starch and sugar levels.

Racing Fibre Pellets

How to include Benchmark Racing Fibre Pellets™ in a high-performance ration.

As part of the daily meal plan*:

  • Add 500gms-1kg of Benchmark Racing Fibre Pellets to each feed, reducing white chaff (if fed).
  • Benchmark Racing Fibre Pellets can be fed dry or if extra hydration is required, the pellet will wet down to a mash in about 60 seconds.
  • Can be fed as a palatable mash to act as a carrier for supplements.
  • Ideal for horses who are anxious, struggle with condition, or those that show symptoms of IBS or ulcers.

As part of a fast-work or race day feeding strategy:

  • Feed 300-500 grams dry pre work to help reduce acid splash.
  • Leading into race day, rapidly digested Benchmark Racing Fibre Pellets™ can be fed as a partial alternative to hay to help manage gut ballast.

When travelling horses:

  • Feed as a mash prior to travel to help hydration and support healthy gut function.

Post worming:

  • Feed immediately after worming to help re-establish healthy gut flora.

Benchmark Racing Fibre Pellets are an enhanced fibre source and don’t replace a balanced complete feed. The Benchmark mineral premix is included to balance the fibre component of the raw materials. No vitamins or protein sources are added.

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