Sustainability & Quality Assurance

Environmentally friendly feed bags

For us a real advantage is that we can benefit from experiences gained in previous roles to improve what we do and how we do it.

One of the real dilemmas for horse owners and the feed industry is the responsible disposal of Laminated Poly Propylene (BOPP) feed bags. As this material is generally non-recyclable, non-bio degradable and non-burnable, inevitably these feed bags end up as landfill.

What has driven the industry move to BOPP bags is their lower cost, durability and their suitability for high quality print processes to make a brand look premium and for the bag to stand out in a retail store.

Given a unique opportunity to overcome this dilemma at Benchmark Feeds, we decided to look closely at paper sacks for our feed range.

There are down sides in that paper sacks are more expensive, not as strong and may not have the sharp or shiny print of BOPP packaging.

Despite these factors we believe that the benefits far outweigh the negatives, so we are very proud to say the Benchmark Feed bags are made from 100% bio-degradable and recyclable paper. When you find yourself having to dispose of an empty Benchmark Feed bag you will have the peace of mind knowing your next action will have minimal impact on our environment.

Quality Assurance

Feedsafe HACCP

Benchmark Feeds are manufactured in a modern, FeedSafeā„¢ accredited equine only feedmill, eliminating the potential risk associated with feeds manufactured in multi species feed mills.

We have strict testing protocols covering both our principal raw materials and our finished feeds, ensuring that our feeds not only deliver the correct nutritional values, but most importantly that they are safe for your horses.